Pluvial Plus is a Hong Kong based, online only Health and Wellness Company, with a focus on clean, inexpensive, easy to maintain water filters and related accessories.  

We have been proudly serving Hong Kong families for over 5 years. 

Our products are manufacturer to the highest standards in Asia  

Do you drink enough water?

Adequate hydration is critical to good health, brain power and staying fit.

Hong Kong’s  first fully natural, alkalising water filter replaces your bought bottled water in your home or office saving you money, improving you hydration, and contributing to reducing plastics in Hong Kong.

Filtering water has been done the natural way since time began, and the new Pluvial+ natural water filter takes the best from the natural world using a ceramic filtering process combined with a five stage filter that removes heavy Metals, harmful bacteria and anything that you would not want to have enough drinking supply.

Are you really drinking enough water every day?

When you have a natural water filter on your countertop you always have great tasting healthy water ready to drink. Place this water filter on your desk at work, or even in the bedroom side table.

Does paying for filtered water drive you crazy?

With the attachment for dispensers the Pluvial Plus natural water filter enables most families to save over HK$7000 a year in bottled water costs.

And say bye-bye to those large plastic bottle deliveries.

Plastics pollute the oceans, and diesel pollutes our streets and air supply.

It tastes amazing.

For the last 5 years, families all over Hong Kong have been loving the water coming from the Pluvial Plus waterfall filter, and the kids won’t drink anything else anymore.

Purchase directly from the website and we deliver for free anywhere in Hong Kong.

Drink healthy safe filtered water to keep yourself hydrated and maximise your body is nutrition with trace minerals. 

And Save. Our standard countertop waterfall filter start kits and dispensary starter kits have everything you need for HKD$1599

Replacement parts are also easy to a change for HKD$295, and they last 5000 liters or about six months for a standard family of four.

And for peace of mind, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So there’s no risk if you want your money back.

Perhaps you know somebody who might like I one for their home?

All referrals receive a 10% discount. Just use this referral code when you order.


The alternatives? Why not distilled water?

Distilled water, a popular choice for many in Hong Kong, is true H2O- near pure water but it is acidic, devoid of important minerals that our bodies need and may have many other unanticipated and insidious effects upon health.

It doesn’t taste good … and, oh yes, it’s expensive.


Why Pluvial Plus?

Pluvial products are unique. They are guaranteed to filter water with a superior level of effectiveness and efficiently infuse it with healthy minerals.

In the first phase, water slowly travels (by gravity pressure only) through multi-stage filters, each stage designed to remove different and specific impurities.

In the second phase, the water is exposed to a bed of rocks containing readily soluble minerals.

Other Filter solutions

There are a variety of filtration systems available, many of which retain the natural mineral content of water. Most tend to be pressurised systems that can produce fairly large volumes of water in a short time period.

The disadvantage with such systems is that they push water through their filters too quickly and can be relatively inefficient, potentially leaving harmful contaminants in the water supply.

Also depending on the system, purchase and maintenance costs can be very high.

We are confident that you will be completely satisfied with our products and with the water quality produced. It is our hope that you can experience water that is as refreshing as it is meant to be.


Regards, and best wishes


Pluvial Plus