PLUVIAL+ Mineral Water Filter (both Countertop and Dispenser setups included)

$1,680 $1,880


Includes free shipping to your home, in Hong Kong. 

Pluvial’s filtration system is a highly effective and environmentally-friendly way to filter your water while at the same time infusing it with minerals. Unlike distilled water which is acidic, devoid of essential minerals and inherently unhealthy, the Pluvial system produces safe and healthful alkaline water that tastes fantastic.

The Pluvial system sits on top of existing hot-cold water dispenser units. Thus, you can always enjoy hot or ice-cold water of exceptionally high quality.

What’s included:

1 x Upper Tank

1 x Lower Tank  for Dispenser setup

1 x Lower Tank one for Countertop set up

1 x Countertop stand for Countertop set up

1 x ceramic filter (12 months)

1 x 5 stage filters (6 months)

1 x mineral stones (2 years)

1 x Tap with Magnetic Nut


Note: If you have an existing water dispenser stand,  the Pluvial Plus is compatible with 99% of existing water Dispensers (any model after 2002).

Your dispenser must have a removable plastic collar to be compatible with a Pluvial+ system. You remove this collar and the Pluvial Filter sits ontop.

The "electronic Base" water cooler dispenser is NOT included and we do not sell those. You may find one new or second hand. 

Fits on a Hong Kong Kitchen bench! 


Height: 18.25 in; 46.5 cm
Diameter: 10.25 in; 26 cm
Circumference: 32.5 in; 83 cm

Satisfaction Guaranteed & Conditional Warranty:

At Pluvial Plus we do our best to consistently provide quality products and services.

However, production errors and shipping damage can occur.

Pluvial Plus provides a thirty (30) day warranty from invoice date on damaged or defective products.

You may also contact up on our whatsapp chat and send a video or phone photo of the issue

Please help us process your issue quickly by providing a brief description of the problem you are experiencing and, if possible, a photo of the damage.

Pluvial Plus will repair, send replacement parts, or replace the entire system as required.



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