Happy Birthday Pluvial Plus!

Living in an urban jungle like Hong Kong, natural, fresh and clean drinking water to us never seems reachable. With the recent community health concerns hitting each of us harder than ever before, it is undeniable that we are all more conscious about what we consume to stay physically and mentally fit. As a result, a lot of us start to see the importance of refreshing or adding durables and appliances at home, and water filters are often found on the recent shopping list of HongKongers. 

Drinking water is so basic and essential in our everyday routine, yet the quality of it is easily ignored. The majority of Hong Kong citizens have been educated since a young age that tap water is not drinkable, and it has to be boiled before drinking (which kills most of the natural ingredients in it, are you aware of that?). Water has always been tasteless, or wouldn't be something that tastes good or enjoyable. We drink it just because we need to. 

However, Pluvial Plus is here to tell you all the above are not true - We are able to drink water with its natural ingredients even living in Hong Kong; we are able to appreciate the natural taste of water, too, given that it is being treated properly. 

Pluvial Plus is a waterfall filtration system that proudly provides its customers with tasty, mineralised alkaline drinking water. It comes as a dispenser model or countertop model, which customers can choose whichever suits their current setting at home to minimise wastage - as sustainability and eco-conscious are key values for Pluvial Plus. A countertop model does not require a power supply either - so it can be placed anywhere in the home or office. Given all these pros, its basic model costs 50% or even less than other water filters on sale in the Hong Kong market. As for the filters replacements? These are affordable at $295 and last 6 to 12 months depending on the volume of water you filter. Therefore Pluvial Plus has often been commented as one of the most affordable yet functional, and environmentally friendly water filters among other similar products available in Hong Kong.

Turning 5 years old this in 2020 as a local brand in Hong Kong, Pluvial Plus has become a household fixture of many local and ex-pat families over the past few years. Spoken highly especially by a lot of mom-customers, they have witnessed noticeable changes that Pluvial Plus has brought to their families. Brenda, work-from-home mom of three, is very happy about the change of water drinking habits of her kids, aged 14 months, 4 and 6. 

"They used to dislike drinking water and I had to spend so much time and effort on encouraging them to drink more. Ever since we started using Pluvial Plus water filters, however, they told me they like the taste of this "new water" and they will get water straight from the filter whenever they get thirsty! I am so impressed! What's even better is that the filtered water is infiltrated with natural nutrients and minerals during the filtering process, which is such a healthy option for my kids!" 

Jill, also a mom of two, is especially pleased with the reduction in cost and wastage ever starting to adopt the Pluvial Plus water filter service. “We used to subscribe to mineral water delivery services and spent around HKD$6,000 a year. Until I noticed my friend using a Pluvial Plus dispenser model - which is attached to its existing water dispenser, that I realised there is such an affordable and eco-friendly option for quality drinking water. Now I don't need to be fussed about the frequent delivery services as replacements filters only happen every 6 months in our household - which is also a plus for an eco-conscious family like us as we always try our best to minimise carbon footprint in our everyday lives."

Pluvial Plus is a young local brand that has been greatly loved and supported by our customers in Hong Kong, without which we cannot be growing into where we are today. We want to support and give back to this loving community, especially during this difficult time for a lot of us. We are going to offer 15% off discount for all first-time customers, with the discount code "5yrAnniversary"

We are also launching the "Pluvial Plus Referral Programme" - so that our customers will be able to benefit from referring our products to their friends as well. 

For more details, please refer to the "Pluvial Plus Referral Programme" here.



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